Cruise Brochures really help speakers find the trips they want | Travel agencies help you

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise Brochures really help speakers find the trips they want | Travel agencies help you

Do this tip. It will really help you plan where you want to go when you give lectures on ships. Go to your local travel agency and ask for brochures on all the big lines you want to sail on. They are free and the travel agency will think you are considering booking a cruise. Don’t worry – they get boxes of these brochures. And they get plenty of lookie loo’s coming in.

I have one from Crystal Cruises that is 169 pages long. And yes, it really helps understand what the ships are all about. It tells me that Crustal has two ships: the Symphony & the Serenity. They are not exactly clones, but pretty close. They are both under 1,000 passengers.

The Crystal Symphony in Alaska

The Crystal Symphony in Alaska

There are some front end fluff marketing pages with dramatic photos, but then the beef hits.  They list and describe all the worldwide destinations they travel to – like 70 pages worth. On each there is a complete description of the voyage with all the ports listed and even a map on each.

In the back has an overhead drawing of all the decks – so you can see what’s where. You WILL be lost for 50% of the trip. I find it handy to tear out these pages and carry them in my pocket.   Remember, the other guests will think you are part of the crew, so it’s good to help them with directions. The map also shows where your room is.

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The very very back has all the fun stuff to do. Descriptions of paddle ball, golf, shows, Nordic Walking, spa and everything else. Finally, yards of terms that no one reads – but it covers them.

Try this to help select where, when and who you want to sail with.
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