Confession is Good for the Soul and Your Audience | Tell Alls Work

ByBill Belew

Confession is Good for the Soul and Your Audience | Tell Alls Work

This puzzles me. But it is what it is.

Audiences, more and more, want to know that the speaker is human, that the speaker has flaws, the speaker made mistakes and are still plugging away.

These days, speakers seem more than happy to oblige their listeners. Too happy? You decide.

Stories have layers

Stories have layers

Speakers talk about their divorce, their abusive childhood, diseases as a result of a poor lifestyle, suicide attempts and, and …

Really? Yes, really.

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More often than not these kinds of stories show up in motivational talks with an overall theme of –

“Look how stupid I was but I am still here, ain’t I?”

Or we see it in the tried-and-true version of good story telling – hero, obstacle (my past), victory – formula.

Good presentations don’t just give good information, the presentation gives good information while telling a good story.

If you are comfortable, you can dig into your past and let your past sins be your antagonist. When you do this, your listeners will not only learn, they will be able to identify/relate to you the speaker as well.

Hint: If you are going to tell your story, be sure you aren’t blowing your horn when you do it. Sentences that start with the word “I” and make “Me” the hero can wear thin pretty quickly.

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