Conclusion to 24 Steps to Create a Perfect Presentation

ByBill Belew

Conclusion to 24 Steps to Create a Perfect Presentation

I did something in a recent presentation that I had never heard done before.

I, myself, have spoken well over a 1000 times. I am a weekly churchgoer. One talk every week for nearly 60 years = 50 x 60 = 3,000 talks in some form. I have attended another 1000 at one time or other.

In all those talks I never seen anybody try to do what I did.

Aim for Perfection

I didn’t get it perfect, but I aimed for perfection.

In that talk I tried to incorporate each of the 24 steps to creating the perfect presentation that I have been writing about here at Speak On Cruises the past couple of months.

In music there is a point and counterpoint. There is a main melody and  melody that counters, is distinct yet complements the main melody. And when you hear theme together the whole is indeed greater than the sum.

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In a Talk at Google ( I was an invited presenter ) I tried to give two talks at the same time. One came out of my mouth. The other was on the screen behind me. It is not as obvious in the video version. But my listeners/watchers could choose to listen or watch or both.

My aim was not a one and done talk.

I wanted my listeners to think:

“I need, gosh I want to watch/listen to  that talk again because there are more layers to be gotten.”

You can watch for yourself.

But whether or not I score a ’10’ from you reader, is not what I aiming for here. I want you the reader, you the speaker, to take higher aim in your talks. Do not just deliver your talk. Do not just deliver your talk well. Do not just deliver your talk so well that people react in stunned silence or rapturous applause.


Go for perfect.  Why would anybody settle for less than at least trying?

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