What computer should you use when speaking on cruise ships?

ByRick Deutsch

What computer should you use when speaking on cruise ships?

Here at at SpeakOnCruises World Headquarters, we teach our clients to be prepared for their gigs. It’s pretty well standard that talks are PowerPoint driven. Unless you are a former NBA star or you are General Turgidson, plan on using a computer and having images. They can wing it without a computer or aids. You can’t – the Entertainment Dept will insist.

You’ll need a decent computer to drive your show.  So what does that mean? Create your talk on a system that is up to date with a modern Operating System. Today, we’re talking Windows 7 or 10….or Apple ‘s version 10. You’ll need about 4-6 GB of RAM (memory) and about a 300 GB++ storage hard drive.

So that fits many you’ll see at your local Electronics store.

man teaching

Bill Belew teaching how to get assignments on ships

I prefer a full featured laptop.  This is one with a DVD/CD player/recorder. That is the big rub these days. Companies want you to come and go to their “cloud.”  Which means ALL your data resides in the ether. Really, it’s at a “server”  aka a large computer /  disk farm in Utah or somewhere. So your provider has ALL your private data. Safe? Hmmm  hacks happen all the time. Ipso facto – DVD drives are going away. Many “business” laptops have them…but they are more $$$ .  . .  and better made (worth it).

I have a Lenovo L440.  I had a solid state system put in. REAL fast and is not a spinning drive with a head that can get bumped.

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The media drive is useful when snagging photo / screen shots off of DVD’s for your talks. Also, for watching  documentaries from the library about your subject when writing your talk! I know you can carry an ala carte drive….but what a pain.

I do not suggest one of the low end “chrome books.”  They have very limited capability. Very. They are cheap. Very. Get one for your grandma – email and browsing.

As far as tablets go….they don’t cut it for a full fledged presentation. You’ve got to get your preso to the projection system. That means a VGA or HDMI connection. AND a microphone-out jack. AND a USB slot to use a slide changer.

Finally, Apple products are fine…just bring the converter to get into the projection system.

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