Back up your computer and be careful | Make 2 copies!

ByRick Deutsch

Back up your computer and be careful | Make 2 copies!

Back up your data

Back up your data

We all know we should back up our data. Got it. So for a couple years I have been using a one-terabyte hard drive to copy al my files off my laptop.

I do not trust the “cloud.”  Call me a luddite, but I don’t want all my private information up floating around  in the ether waiting for a Ruskie to snag.  Not that I’m that important, but privacy is a major concern.  Big Brother is here folks – read the book – watch the DVD if you don’t know that means.

It usually takes overnight for a couple nights to do a backup of 400 GB of date. So last week, I was copy-pasting my files over….I got all the folders I had on the desktop of appear both places, but wham, when I looked at the waste can – if was full of stuff.   I wasn’t sure if I put all that in there as I had been “cleaning house.”  So Iet them stay.


When I went back to my main disk…most folders were there by name…but empty!   Huh?  Then I looked at he backup disk – EMPTY.   I opened the trashcan and there was only about 10 files, when there had been hundreds minuters before.  YIKES.

All was gone. Only the folders on the desktop remained.  The folders had their correct names, but NO content.   Nice. I am really hosed, ALL of my pictures, talks, letters, business Excel files – EVERYTHING COULD BE GONE. I am like a  fresh high school graduate without any history.

I took the laptop and the backup drive to Click Way, a local computer house.  After letting them try to restore my stuff, they told me that had gotten about 70% of the files back. It’s been one week now. I have taxes due to CA by the end off the month, so I need that data.

Let’s hope this has a happy ending.  My advice is to set the disk to auto-backup.  Use the cloud if you like…but don’t assume all your data will always be safe.

Anything like this happen to you?

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