Who is the best company to help me get a job speaking on cruise ships?

ByRick Deutsch

Who is the best company to help me get a job speaking on cruise ships?

SpeakOnCruises is the only firm that is neither a booking agency nor part of a cruise line. There are no hidden agendas. The founders are both veterans – the US Navy and Air Force respectively. Both served in the Cold War: the one we won!

We come up #2 when you enter this in a Google search:  “How can I speak on a cruise ship.” We are just after Cruise Critic – a monster in the industry. Often #1. We do not advertise. People find us!  We’ve had over 500 inquiries in 5 years.

Bob Ray

Meet Bob Ray; a SpeakOnCruises graduate

With over a decade of combined experience (and nearly 40 cruises under our belts), the team has figured out the process to get a free cruise for two by speaking. If you can provide “InfoTainment” to generally older, retired people on vacation, the lines will love you. You should also note that a younger demographic is beginning to sail, so don’t dwell on yesteryear.  Many will not know what the Cold War was, who Jacques Cousteau was, nor even Lucille Ball. Tailor your talk to your audience.

Our fee covers a 2-hour seminar where we teach – you do. These are in-person in the SF Bay area…or via Skype if you are elsewhere….with some hand-holding along the way. We “open the kimono.” Here I go assuming you know what that means. It means we hide nothing. No teasers to buy a book, or pay us more.

The next step?  Read our HIREUS page

We don’t guarantee that you will get a cruise – that is up to your ability, the topics you select and your presence as a public speaker. But we will do our part to make you pretty for the agencies and the lines.

Give us a shout. We’ll explain things further that might help.

You want to do this – or else you would not have found us.  Get wet – jump in.

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