Choose Your Words | Highly Effective Habits of Cruise Ship Lecturers

ByBill Belew

Choose Your Words | Highly Effective Habits of Cruise Ship Lecturers

Highly Effective Habits of Professional Speaker

Highly Effective Habits of Professional Speaker

Billy Graham often roamed in parks, along the seaside, on the shore of a lake talking out loud, saying things over and over again until it sounded right audibly, not just in his mind.

Winston Churchill would practice on his dinner guests by using different phraseology then watching to see the responses on their faces.

The talk can sound pretty good in your head. But what about when it comes out audibly. Does it roll of the tongue? Does it sound like you? How does the phrase differ when you accent different words?

Great athletes jump far and long when they have done so many times in practice.

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Great speakers will not be surprised by the impact of their words on their audience because they will have spoken those words out loud many times before and have gauged the response.

The more the speaker works their phrases in advance the more those phrases become part of their repertoire and are there for them when they need them and to build on.

I watched my son practice runs on the piano over and over and over and over and over (still not enough) again till they were habitual.

There is nothing he can’t do on a piano.

If I could speak as well as he plays then I have this habit down.

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