Want cheap airfare to your next cruise speaking gig?

ByRick Deutsch

Want cheap airfare to your next cruise speaking gig?

Most assignments to lecture on ships do not include airfare. Some do, but most have you get there on your own.

Take notes on this one.

Work with your agent on this tip. Inquire about “marine rates.”  Crews get decent discounts for travel to/from their ships. Think about it. There are thousands of cruises that go out annually. The parent Cruise Line books a heck of a lot of passengers AND crew on airlines.

They get discounts. If they concur, have your cruise line book your travel and request marine rates. Don’t pester your agency – they have enough to do – but it’s a legitimate request.

READ more about the cruise agencies

Also, ask about getting transfers through them. This is critical. If you try to get from the air terminal to the berth – you are at risk of not getting there. New cabbies may not know where to go. Buses can take forever. If you miss the departure – YOU need to get to the next port on your own. Ugh.

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Don’t miss the boat!

If you are under the cruise line’s umbrella, you will be met after Customs with a name sign.   SMITH  Whew what a relief after a LONNG flight. They will guide you to your luggage – even get it and move it to a bus for you. If that bus is late – it’s on the ship to pay for get you to your ship.

Keep the port contact info handy in case you do have travel problems. Tell them your situation and they will sort it out. They often have work-arounds. BUT they will not hold a ship full of 2,000+++ guests just for you.

We share these kind of tips on this blog Take our class; be a par of this fun industry. . See the HIREUS page for the process.  You can’t get any more help for $300.  Really.  Get off your duff and make the move.

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