Center of Attention on a Topic | The Blogger and Professional Speaker Share Needs

ByBill Belew

Center of Attention on a Topic | The Blogger and Professional Speaker Share Needs

Blogging Speaker

Blogging Speaker

It’s fun to be the center of attention when you are right, when your topic is a popular one, when you are on the main-stream side of a controversial topic.

But try being the only person in the room who is right. Not so much fun.

My dad used to say, “Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you.”

Names can hurt, too. Not as much as the sticks and stones, mind you. But they still hurt.

Speakers Are the Center of Attention

My last cruise was on a small stage (the ship was small). I was surrounded by a semi-circle of people looking on. I was literally in the center of their attention.

Controversy doesn’t make for a good topic on cruise ships.

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When I was in the Navy, we avoided politics, religion and sex. It’s a good idea to do the same when speaking on cruise ships.

Still you are in the center. None too often, there might be people in the audience who know about your topic than you do. They may have been to the destination you are talking on more times than you have.

What happens when you get called on a point?

Do the Duck Imitation

All this is to say that when you are speaking on a cruise ship, much like when the blogger hits the publish button, you will be putting yourself ‘out there’ where people can hit back. Are you okay with that?

If not, you might want to consider sitting down.

If so, stand up, speak out and learn to duck.

Reach out to us and we will get you on a cruise ship as a speaker.


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