Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Xpedition travels Galapagos

ByRick Deutsch

Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Xpedition travels Galapagos

A nice way to travel to the famous Galapagos Islands is on the ship, the Celebrity Xpedition. There are not many motels at all on Galapagos and most visitors stay on live-aboard boats. I have been there on a scuba trip. We had 7 days of underwater exploration as well as tours of the major islands. I loved it and so will you.

Galapagos is owned by Ecuador and is truly what the Garden of Eden must have been like. It’s about 600 miles due west of the mainland.

The animals are totally NOT afraid of humans. They have never been shot at or harassed by homo sapiens. Charles Darwin formulated a lot of his species evolution theories here.

Animals are unafraid onGalapagos

Nesting Blue Footed Boobies

The Xpedition is a small craft for a cruise ship. It can sleep less than 100 and is only 296 feet long. OK, that’s a football field but is way less than the giant liners. It only needs 25 feet of water to float. It has been in service for only 10 years, so everything is still pretty spiffy.

You will hardly feel a breeze as the top speed is only 15 knots. Big ships can go 22 easily. You scoot around the island via rigid rubber Zodiacs.

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When you return from your daily trek to see Giant tortoise, flamingos or penguins, you can relax in the Discovery Lounge. Here, a qualified naturalist gives nightly lectures on what you saw that day and what the next day holds for you.

Penguins on the equator??

Penguins on the equator??

Since this is a small ship, they do not need a lot of talks. So if you are not a Galapagos expert, you may not get a speaking assignment. But many readers are very talented and might snag one. go for it!

Let us help prep you for your trip to the Equator.


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