Cayman Islands are a common cruise ship stop | Speakers may get to see Cayman Brac

ByRick Deutsch

Cayman Islands are a common cruise ship stop | Speakers may get to see Cayman Brac

I’ve scuba dived at beautiful Grand Cayman in the Caribbean Sea. It is without question the nicest island you will be to. Moat ships tender to the island where visitors can have a great full day. Besides laying on famous 7-mile beach and viewing its high end hotels, another fun thing I recommend is to rent a scooter and putz around. It only will take you about 3 hours to do a round trip.

A short ride takes you to  the Sunset House – a great live-in dive shop. Buy a T-Shirt there, then see the Pirate Caves further down (all fake, of course). Two of the better highlights, besides a ride along the ocean (going counter-clockwise) is the blow hole. Then a ride up the eastern side to Hell.

"Satan" himself will great you

“Satan” himself will great you

Yes, that hell. Actually, it’s a large lava field with ominous jagged tops. An enterprising man has a trinket shop promoting … well…Satan!

Continue a bit further and stop at the turtle farm. Little fry are raised to adulthood. Turtle products are legal to sell there –BUT you cannot take them into the USA. A certain percentage are released to the seas, to help preserve them. Many others are turned into souvenirs. It’s OK to have a bowl of turtle soup – yummy. Don’t; worry there are plenty of turtles on Cayman.

Two other islands comprise the small archipelago. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. They are a short boat ride away. The Star Flyer recently made a stop at Cayman Brac. It held only 150 people, so it’s not really an opportunity for speakers. But it’s nice to know about it – for your talks on board. The MV Island Sky will anchor in the Brac, with just over 100 visitors.

Honestly, I’m not sure what the attraction at Brac is. The small island is not built up with much to see…unless you like palm trees and sand. I guess you could swim and lay in the sun. Things you really could do in Grand Cayman or even on a small ship!

But YES, the diving is the best!

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