Breaking the “It’s about me” impression when speaking

ByRick Deutsch

Breaking the “It’s about me” impression when speaking

When you finally get approved by an agency and the cruise line you are only halfway there. You’ve invested a lot of time and energy. The next step is to do a bang-up job. You want to be invited back, don’t you?

Don’t talk over the audience to show how smart you are. Use vernacular that the common man uses. Skip the in-crowd buzz words. You know…”paradigm,” “call to action,” “synergy,” “take away” “entrepreneur.” I hate that one the most. Oh, you’re an entrepreneur? So, how long have you been out of work? It’s french – what have they done to earn that name? No cut to them as grat people, it’s their socialist system that stifles creativity. Heck, you can’t get fired in France!! Why work hard? Innovation is a 100% USA brand.

I’m not saying you need to talk down to your audience – but talk at their level. Many cruise ships are full of retired business men and women. They don’t want to hear about Team Building or Sales strategies or How to motivate your team. Bla. They’ve been there, done that, and burned the T-Shirt.

Speaking helps people

Speakers can really change people’s lives on cruise ships

Rehearse your talk to another person – but not your spouse. They will say “it’s great” to pump you up. Grab a third party. Have them make a list of your improvement areas. A beer for every 5 things that can be improved. Set up a tripod and film yourself. You can really learn a lot – like “Gee, I AM getting bald!” But seriously, you can see little twitches that you may not even know you do.

Conclusion of this tip – talk so your grandmother can understand it and you will be welcomed back to sail again. KISS – Keep It Simple and Short.
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