How to beat jet-lag on those “over the pond” air trips

ByRick Deutsch

How to beat jet-lag on those “over the pond” air trips

Jet lag is a killer. If you are going through three time-zones or ten, the day of your arrival will be “hell on earth.” Those that know, say it takes about a day to overcome two time zones.

My advice is to plan a light arrival day and half the next. Travel so you have few official meetings and just rest. Some recommend hitting the fitness room. I dunno.

On the plane, don’t drink caffeine. Not even cokes. Stick with water or ginger ale. Hydrate. Drink often and hit the toilet just as often. Too many people sit in their seat the whole flight. I had one to Singapore and the guy at the window never got up. That’s about 21 hours!!! Please – make your bladder gladder. That short walk every hour or so really keeps you on keel.

Bring eye shades, earplugs and an inflatable neck pillow.

On red-eyes, watch a movie first while you are awake. Airlines serve meals on intercontinental routes. They do this soon after take-off. Don’t stuff it in. It is very easy to overeat on a trip. But get nourishment. I’ve found (on Delta at least) that the in-flight sandwiches are cheaper than at the terminal vendors! What a surprise. Do you reading and PC work early. One movie is enough. Then try popping some anti-histamine, Benadryl or melatonin and sack out. That’s hard for me at 6 feet 2. I must have an aisle seat so I can get some leg room. A ball cap will keep the chill off your head.

Next, I suggest wearing compression socks. This will keep you from getting thrombosis in your legs. It’s caused by blood pooling down south by long sitting. When on the toilet breaks, do some walking down the aisles. Stretch your legs – I mean really do quads, calf, and hamstring stretches. Last century I used to do exercises on the floor by a bulkhead.

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Jet lag will ruin your day.

The less stress you encounter on the flight itself, the sooner your body will recover.

When you land, take a shower and, depending on the time of landing, either hit the crib or TRY to stay up until about 8 pm…a good 10 hours of sleep and you should be OK. Don’t pork out on your meals.

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