Attention Prospective Cruise Ship Speakers: 5 tips to coming up with your topic

ByRick Deutsch

Attention Prospective Cruise Ship Speakers: 5 tips to coming up with your topic

What to talk about?  You have a broad range of expertise, but what would work on a ship?

You really want to be a lecturer on first class cruises. Sure it’s for the rewards . . . free for two, discounts, fun places, etc. But also there is the rush of being in front of a live audience.

1. Everyone is an expert at something. Even you. Agree? You excel at work, your hobbies, your interests – your PASSION. OK, so share this with people who want to learn. Pick a topic you are very good at. Be confident.

2. Unless your work is really engaging, keep away from that. What do YOU do for fun? Waterski? OK, tell us about that. Art? Give us the history of why humans paint and sculp. You good at Yo-Yoing? Tell me why I should get into it. A challenge to you – give me any topic and I will come up with your 4 talk titles. Really. I can talk about the phone book, and will help you.

3. My mantra is “keep it fun.” MOST people prefer to read USA Today, and give their brain a rest. They don’t sit by the pool and pull out Scientific American to catch up on what’s new with the Higgs Boson. At least most don’t :>).

4. Prepare your talk as if you were giving it to your mother. If she can understand it – so will ships with passengers over 50. That’s the demographic. Really, they are the people with money to sail on high end cruises. Those are the kind you want to go on.

5.  I like to use the chronological approach. Tell about how they did it (whatever that is) in the BC time. Follow by how it evolved during the middle ages. Then came the Industrial Revolution era. The modern times we live in is next. How about what trends your topic will be like in the future?

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