How to make air travel tolerable when you fly overseas

ByRick Deutsch

How to make air travel tolerable when you fly overseas


Remember when air travel was considered a perk and it was fun? Those days are long gone – you reach an age when you’ve had your thrill of flying. No more food, tight seats and ala carte pricing for everything. Toilet fee next. Some even charge for carry on and a drink!

Men dressed up in suits to travel and everyone wore real shoes in case they had to run out of a burning airplane. I can’t believe people would fly with flip flops. The planes never go down…but yes, they do go down. The 777 crash at SFO a year ago was an example. No way do I want to run down a wing and onto the tarmac with broken glass and flames – in flip flops.

flip flops

Sandals are not safe in an air crash

I recently did a 22-hour flight to Singapore. Many people around me NEVER got up the entire time. Talk about bladder stretching!! I like to get up once an hour or so to keep the blood moving. I stand, walk and do some basic stretching. Last century, I actually would get down on the floor by the galley and do pushups and sit ups.  Boy that has sure ended.

I now wear compression stockings. These help pump the blood out of your legs so you don’t develop thrombosis. The pooling of blood down your legs is really bad for circulation and nerve endings. I also think that good noise cancelling headphones are worth the $300 price. They really cut down the constant engine hum.

I’ve pretty well given up on trying to sleep. At 6’2” I cannot find room to even pretend I’m comfortable.

I hope these little tips are useful. Bottom line though, the glamour of flying is gone. Tune in for more more things you may not have thought about.   :>)


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