6 things to do right before your talk on a ship

ByRick Deutsch

6 things to do right before your talk on a ship

You’ve gotten your SpeakOnCruises training and you have a great topic. One that you can’t wait to give. 97% images – few bullets. You didn’t have to memorize it – you KNOW it cold. You’re rehearsed and video’d it. You’re golden.

So in 20 minutes the Cruise Director will saunter up to introduce you. 10 minutes . . .  and the sweat is starting to bead up. OK, so what do you do now?

Just my 2 cents:

1. Of course you prepared an index card with your top 3 attributes so the CD can introduce you without stammering on who the heck you are.  Get it ready to give to him.

2. Find the Techie to get wired for sound. Do a “test, test, one two three. Test Test” to make sure the level is good. Tell him if there is anything different about your talk. Are you going out into the audience? Pulling a rabbit out of a hat? He’s got to have the camera on you and needs to be ready to put his Mad Magazine down.

3. Get some water. Have a drink and get it up on stage. Put a straw in the bottle or glass. It’s WAY better to sip a bit than put the bottle up to drink. Just looks better.

have a clock handy

Analog Clocks are easy to read

4. Find the clock – OR better – set up your small analog travel clock that we told you about. Set it to ship’s time.

5. Get out by the door and greet people as they come in. Introduce yourself. Make some small talk.

6. Hang in the back. Meet the CD and walk down the Aisle to the podium.

Quiet on the set – THIS IS A TAKE!

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