5 tips on how to be a raving success as a cruise ship speaker

ByRick Deutsch

5 tips on how to be a raving success as a cruise ship speaker

Take control of your talk

Take control of your talk

1. Start on Time: It’s rude to keep them waiting. It shows a lack of preparation. Arrive about 30 minutes before your time. Check with the technician. Make sure you’ve got A/C power. Get a glass of water, then wait at the back.

2. Entertain Your Audience: InfoTainment. EduTainment. Make them have fun. It’s not a college class. Minimize bullets. Use images, Use video. Make jokes. They may not come back for talk a if they don’t like the experience.

3. Make sure your gadgets work. Check and double check your tools. Imaging Software will be PowerPoint or equivalent. Reboot your laptop before you talk. Turn off the wifi. Load your toalk on a USB memory stick Put it in your carry-on luggage. Bring your own wireless remote control and bright green laser pointer.

4. End on Time: 45 minutes, including questions and get out. Don’t be a “nice guy” by talking more. Folks need to get to Bingo and another program may need your room. Bring a tiny analog clock. Set it for SHIP time – not yours.

5. Make a checklist: Visualize yor talk. Mentally go over everything you need. Do one for your packing list.

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