5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving the Audience Your Wow Factor

ByBill Belew

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving the Audience Your Wow Factor

Be a Good Judge of Time

Be a Good Judge of Time

The professional cruise ship lecturer, the professional speaker, seldom puts everything ‘on the table’ in each session. A session lasts 30-, 45- or 60 minutes. If all the speaker has can be condensed into that amount of time, the professional needs to be dropped.

That being said, the professional lecturer will almost always have ‘one thing more’ that they can share. This ‘ont thing more’ doesn’t have to be the wow factor, but often times it is.

In any event, an audience can be wowed if they know the speaker has given them more than they expected and there is still even more left to give if circumstances allowed.

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Here are 5 questions the speaker can ask before going to the well for ‘one thing more.’

1. Do I have time? Do I need to cut my presentation short? Do I need to stretch my presentation out?

2. Do I have a story to tell that can drive home the points I have been trying to make? Can I tweak the story length to make it fit in the allotted time?

3. Is there a question I haven’t answered yet? Is there a question I should have been asked but wasn’t?

4. Do I still have the audience’s attention?  Are they still engaged? Do they still REALLY care?

5. Is it time for me to sit down or pass the mic? Am I being honest with myself here?

When the answer is ‘Yes’ to all of these questions, go for it.

But by all means, make it worth your listener’s time.



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