Traveling to China – 3 planning tips – learn from my errors

ByRick Deutsch

Traveling to China – 3 planning tips – learn from my errors

On recent rip to China, I flew into Shanghai. A very long flight. Very long. Here’s some lessons learned.


A scary taxi ride in Shanghai. She had 3 cell phones going.

1. I was flying out of SFO on Oct 16….and landing at night. I booked a room for Oct 16. When I arrived to check in – NO reservation !!!!…the International date line moved it to the 17th!! They wanted to charge me for an extra night…but I schmoozed them not to. Be alert.

2. The needed a credit card to process my room. NONE in my wallet. I left it at home – seems when I transferred stuff from my daily wallet to my smaller travel wallet, I took the cards out, but left them on my desk. Luckily, I keep my credit card numbers on my laptop and they accepted that. I needed the expiration and 3 number code – which I had. So I had to go 2 weeks without a credit card! Be alert.

3. The visa process was strange. The cruise line did not tell me what visas I needed. China YES. I speak on the ship and I only had a week notice for this trip. WHAT to do? Services take a few days and are about $250. Turns out, you can get a FREE transit visa…if you are just spending the night before leavimg the country. We were going to Taiwan next. Whew…so when I went to immigration, they had a short line for that. Cool.

Moral – BE ALERT. Contact us if you have any questions.

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