4 things you should bring on your next cruise

ByRick Deutsch

4 things you should bring on your next cruise

I learned that their are few items that any speaker needs to bring on a cruise to make life much easier. Besides the obvious – like your laptop, your should pack:
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Be your best – like Steph Curry

1. A memory stick with ALL your talks on it. Not only the 4 or so you are going to give, but any others you might have. You may be asked to give more. Your PC may die – mine did and I had to borrow one from another speaker. It went fine but  was bit tacky.  Without my USB stick I would have been hosed. Extemporaneous without images is pretty poor. All the ships require PowerPoint or other presentation tool.

2. Your own slide clicker. Don’t expect the ship to provide one. I put a glob of glue on the > NEXT SLIDE button so I don’t have to look down at it – I can feel it. It is REAL tacky to accidentally hit the back slide.  Amateurish.
3. A bright green laser pointer. If you are in a big theater, the wimpy red ones on your slide clicker will not illuminate well – especially  on a colored image.  I highly recommend the internet to buy these. I have two. They came from China for about $11.00.  They take 2 AAA batteries and will almost burn a hole in the screen. When using it, do not wave it around. Don’t wiggle it. Just point it at the thing you want and hold it there. Talk through what you are pointing at. When the ship records your talk for playback in the rooms, the audience will NOT see your pointer, so  short “On the right side of the screen is the Lithuanian Fruit Fly.”  Bring extra batteries as they are so high power they last about 3 presentations. I take out the batteries when traveling to prevent them from accidentally turning on.  I keep both at the dais.
4. A small analog clock.   You need to get off the stage when they say. Not 5  minutes later. End your talk even you are not finished. Fake the last missed slides.  They won’t know. A small analog clock is easy to read from a distance. You will not be able to see the time on “Presenter View” and a smart phone that rests on the podium and goes dark will not cut it.
We can help you get on board. We are now also working with a UK based agency to provide speakers to their client ships. We’ll prepare you to succeed.


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