4 tips on delivering a Cruise ship lecture | Keep your topics fun

ByRick Deutsch

4 tips on delivering a Cruise ship lecture | Keep your topics fun

Highly Effective Habits of Professional Speaker

Professional Speakers control the show

1. A key to being a successful speaker who gets multiple free cruises is to have talks that are fun AND informative. It’s called “InfoTainment.” A synonym is “EduTainment” – get the idea?

2. Use a lot of images – make the talk mostly photographs you have taken, ones you get from attributed owners, Getty images (with a free account), etc. We will also teach you about the Free Use Doctrine. People don’t want to sit through a college class.

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3. Keep the audience engaged with video and audio clips. There are many relevant ones on YouTube with the same caveats as in #2. I can tell you about a site that has loaded all their vintage newsreels. These are the ones that were shown in movie theaters. They cover a sea of topics. One might be relevant to yours.

4. Rehearse and practice. Then do it 10 more times. Get your talk down pat. YOU are the EXPERT. Your bio will tell the audience all about you, but you have to deliver the goods. Don’t memorize your talk. Have the slides support your point. Speak about it – extemporaneously – as in no notes. Imagine you are at Thanksgiving dinner and telling your stories to your family.

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