4 skills necessary to speak on cruise ships

ByBill Belew

4 skills necessary to speak on cruise ships

Question: Who can speak on cruise ships?

Bill Belew Speaking

Bill Belew Speaking

Answer: Individuals with:

1. an expertise in destinations where cruise ships go

2. an expertise that cruisers are or could be interested in

3. fundamental public speaking ability

4. presentation skills – powerpoint and the like.

I met Rick Deutsch at a local writers club meeting in the South Bay Area of California a half dozen years or         more ago. Rick was different than the other, um, writers who were there. He actually writes. Many of those present had written something once and thought they were still writers. Not Rick.

Rick also spoke. Rick also got around = he traveled. A lot.

We are not alike. But we are not all that different either.

At some point Rick blurted out, “Bill, you should speak on cruise ships, too!”

“Huh? Me? Really?”

“Yeah. You’ve been a lot of places. You know things. You are comfortable speaking in front of people. And you know how to put a presentation together.”

A few years later sandwiching ‘life’ Rick and I stayed in touch. And he kept up with his gentle prodding.

“Hey, a friend of mine just got a cruise speaking gig talking about home remodeling.”


Back to work.

“Hey, a retired lady (70+) I coached just landed a cruise speaking gig talking about pirates on a Caribbean cruise.”

“Alright already. I get it.”

So, I did. I listed up all my travel experiences (more countries than I have fingers and toes and more port cities than the same for my family of 5), the areas I have expertise in (you live long enough you eventually get to be good at a few things), my speaking experiences (I taught university for a very long time and served as a preacher for many years as well) and some of my powerpoint presentations.

4 applications later, all with different cruise line agents, following Rick’s very pointed advice, and I was on my way to the Caribbean as an enrichment speaker and accepted by EACH. Schedule permitting, I can cruise anywhere in the world, anywhere, and take my wife with me (lots and lots of bonus points).

Who can speak on cruise ships?

You can. If you got what it takes.

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