3 tips on how to calm the jitters when speaking

ByRick Deutsch

3 tips on how to calm the jitters when speaking

Was it Jerry Seinfeld that said that public speaking is the most feared thing for many people – they fear it worse that death! So if you have to give a eulogy, you’re better being off in the casket! Or something like that.

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Bring a cruise speaker fun

It doesn’t have to be. But how to calm the fear? Try three of these and call me in the morning.

1. Confidence. If you know your stuff COLD – you are just talking to the audience. Smooth.
2. Relate. Get to know your audience. Make the stories involve them. Make it a campfire talk with your buddies.
3. Repetition. Speak a Lot. Speak for Free. Over an over. No notes. Elevator talk? No; go for hours.

Feel relaxed already? That’s all there is. If you love to speak, you are going to love doing it on a ship. I do. True story. I was on a cruise two years ago and the CD told me he only needed me to give two. I was taken aback. I love to get in front of that audience. So, I work 2 hours and get a free two week cruise. A mixed feeling.

I’d rather give 4 talks. Or more.

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