3 ideas for a cruise ship speaker to make real money from their lectures

ByRick Deutsch

3 ideas for a cruise ship speaker to make real money from their lectures

Speakers get a free cruise for two. Add to that the multiple discounts and it’s a real good deal. But there is no payment. No Cash, check or coupons. You are not an employee of the ship. You do not get a W-9 at the end of their fiscal year. They provide no benefits – you better have health insurance that covers you internationally. So how can you make green money at this?

Speakers" think how you cam make money.

Speakers: think how you cam make money.

1. You can sell product on the ship. Bring along a book to hawk. The downside is that you have to hand-carry them. Also, you need to have it approved far in advance by the Entertainment Dept. and the ship can take up to 40%. But you can display the book in the gift shop and people can buy it.

2. As you meet people casually at meals, around the pool or in the lounge, you can certainly talk about your “other life.” It’s fair game to engage them – but the line will have strict rules about your conducting any business. However, you are allowed to give out a card in this case for follow-on work at home.

3. Keep a diary of anecdotes that you experience on the ship, on tours and when you observe others. Turn those into an e-Book and offer it on your website (you DO have a website, don’t you?). You can either offer it free in return for an email address or sell it.

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