3 things you must add to your cruising checklist

ByRick Deutsch

3 things you must add to your cruising checklist

You DO have a checklist – don’t you?

I have found three things that really should be on your checklist when planning a cruise. I learned the hard way.

If you wear contact lenses…bring a spare pair. I got an eyelash on my right one and it felt like sandpaper. Somehow it was under the lens and would not move when I teared up. Pain. The only option was to pull it out. Do not put them in your mouth to wet them. A gaggle of bacteria will end up in your eye with really bad consequences. The same reason you don’t soak them in water – use the cleaning fluid.

I didn’t have any of that so I had to toss it. l had a spare, so I completed the trip with one eye. I’m pretty myopic so I had to limp and squint. My good eye got me home.

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Your meds. I didn’t count correctly prior to a two week trip and was a day short. I have to take a cluster of meds after some aorta surgery: aspirin, blood pressure, ACE inhibitor, beta blocker, yada yada. Well, since these must be taken every day….I cut some of them in half and went with half dosage. Not good. I felt the effects.

Spot remover. I often drop pasta sauce on my shirt. I can try to cover it with my necktie, but feel like a 5 -year old. Tide makes postage sized stain removers. I now put a few in my kit.

So keep your checklist up to date. If you don’t have one – think about it.

girl crying

Don’t walk around with stains on your shirt

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