Speakers: Make your talks memorable. Don’t flood the audience with vapor

ByRick Deutsch

Speakers: Make your talks memorable. Don’t flood the audience with vapor

As a speaker you job is instruct, influence or educate. Whatever your topic is, you need to make sure  your message gets through. The message as you send it is useless if the receiver is not “getting it.”

Here’s where I am going. I listen to the radio a lot. OK, mostly news – that comes with age. The commercials blast out everything from roofing, solar panels and lumbago cures. So how do these advertisers try to get into your memory bank? By throwing impossible to remember  phone numbers at you.

“Call 555- 487-6412 for your free sample today, That’s 555- 487-6412. Again: 555-487-6412 Once more 555- 487-6412”  What? As if anyone is going to recall that 2 hours later. Most people drive and listen to the radio. So, are we supposed to pull over and write it down?  Or pick up our cell phones and dial right then? In many states it’s illegal to drive and talk.

What was that number???

What was that number???

Maybe if they spent some coin and got a memorable number like 555-666-7777 they might get some business. Or spell out some words on the dial pad. My first house had a number that spelled out “0-BIT-PRO.”

That’s how I remembered it then and now!

The moral?  Make your talks clear with simple messaging.  Not a flood of confusing messages.

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