21 million people to cruise in 2014 | Better communication coming

ByRick Deutsch

21 million people to cruise in 2014 | Better communication coming

These are grat times to be a speaker on cruise ships. WE are in demand to fill all the new ships. The global cruise industry continues to snag passengers, despite the problems of 2014. Dead ships, norovirus and people falling overboard all put a stain on cruising.

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), is comprised of 63 cruise lines with over 95% of the global cruise capacity. They say that there are 410 ships (including river cruise member vessels) plying the seas with another 29 new ships ready to go by the end of the year. Another 20 are expected to be christened by 2018.

Who sails? Americans hold the lead with 51% of all cruise passengers coming from the U.S. Germany is a distant #2 (7% total). As a speaker, don’t worry that you don’t speak a foreign language. Unless you are on a European based cruise that is circling the Mediterranean, the odds are MOST of the passengers will speak English.

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As we wrote recently, data communication is still in the dark ages.  Better satellites are being launched to improve the link capability. Soon, enough bandwidth will be splashed over the ships to even allow streaming movies.

Wifi is getting better on ships

Wifi is getting better on ships

A company called O3b Networks installed high speed connections on the Allure of the Seas, and the Oasis of the Seas. Over 8,000 guests had access. So help is on the way to the other lines willing to spend.

Still to be addressed is voice communications. Yes, your phone will probably work but plan on a big bill when you get home. My phone lit up and a text said that I was now under “ATT at Sea” – cool. So I listen to a few voicemails. When I got home, each ran about $4.00.  So turn it completely off. It also won’t roam that way. Roaming really eats battery time as your device will send out a signal seeking to find a cell network.


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