2014 Resolutions for cruise speakers; did you make yours? 3 ideas

ByRick Deutsch

2014 Resolutions for cruise speakers; did you make yours? 3 ideas

The year to improve your speaking

The year to improve your speaking

This is probably the first communication you have received dated 2014. We made it though another year. And we are still here. Whew – congratulations. So, New Year’s Resolutions? Not me. I think it’s silly to pick January 1 as some magical date to begin to change my life. Weight loss? Why wait? Personal relations? Why wait? Financial planning? Why wait? Improve my speaking skills? Why wait?

I prefer to dig into those things all year – not hold off until January…only to see me give up later. But we all need to improve. If you are that kind of person – more power to you – go for it. So what should you be working on to be a better speaker in 2014 than you are now? Some hints:

1. Make yourself a BRAND. Something that when people hear it – it reeks of you. Me? I’m Mr Half Dome. That’s a large peak at Yosemite National Park. I’m the expert in hiking it. Yes, 40 times up this strenuous granite mound and I wrote the only hiking guide to doing it. That’s my brand for all that I do. This is my tag line: “Getting you to the top of YOUR mountain.” Neat. What’s yours?

2. Develop your story. What is it that makes you – well, YOU? I tie in my hiking and obstacles into my talks. Obstacles? How about 4 major hospital stays including emergency open heart surgery. People like to hear about how others overcome the odds. Develop a signature story.

3. Become the expert at what your passion is. Be the best pottery spinner; the best naturalist, the best Greek history speaker. Everyone is an expert at something. People listen to experts.

All this will help you become an “in-demand” speaker on cruise ships. No pay, but it’s as close to Hollywood as I’ll ever get and a free cruise for two is nothing to sneeze at.

Enjoy 2014. How are YOU going to spend it?

Carpe Diem – Seize the day.


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