20 Ways to be More Creative in Your Public Speaking | Trust Your Hunches

ByBill Belew

20 Ways to be More Creative in Your Public Speaking | Trust Your Hunches

Conviction is Fire in the Bones

Hunches are born in the bone

Where do hunches come from? Instincts? Why do some people have a propensity to come up with ideas when others don’t? Are they more/less rational? More/less emotional?

What makes some people more creative than others? Better cruise ship lecturers?

Reason might always be reasonable.

Emotions are not. Emotions get triggered from an infinite number of sources and directions. The responses to those emotions can be equally varied.

Allowing yourself to act on your emotions, the instincts you have developed, the gut feeling you have or your hunch can and often will take you in a new direction you haven’t explored.

Indeed you will end up in the new realm of “I need a creative way to deal with this new feeling as it applies to my talk.”

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If you live in the tried-and-true realm, you can be sure of the results, usually. But you will never be accused of being creative. You will be predictable. Solid. Reliable. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But you will not be creative.

Creative speakers learn to trust their hunches and to act up on them to see how things turn out.

And surprisingly they find new, interesting and different. Not always better, but definitely not the same.

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