20 Ways to Be More Creative in Your Public Speaking | Be a non-conformist

ByBill Belew

20 Ways to Be More Creative in Your Public Speaking | Be a non-conformist

Bill Belew Speaking on a Cruise Ship

Bill Belew Speaking on a Cruise Ship

My wife liked to watch the series MONK.

Monk wore the same clothes every day. He had a closet with a dozen or so (I never counted) of the same sports coats, white shirts and ties.

You might say that Monk was a non-conformist in that he didn’t conform to our latest fashion-obsessed culture.

He also was not creative. Same thing every day.

The speaker who wants to be creative cannot and should not be the same or want to be the same as any other speaker.

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What is unique about you? What makes you you? How are you different from the next person on the list? Where do you stand out so you can be outstanding?

Being a non-conformist lends itself to being creative. You might be that one round plug trying to fit into square expectations.

To do things differently the cruise ship lecturer must be creative.

A simple example – I spoke in Phoenix not long ago. There were two stages on either side of the room. When one speaker wound down, the other stepped up. So far, nothing to change.

But … and without exception EVERY single speaker in the room stayed glued to their podium with one guy stepping out from behind ever so briefly from time to time.

Me? I came down off the podium and roamed the aisles. I had a mic wrapped around my head and my super duper advanced clicker. I also had my slide order memorized so I could click the buttons and keep talking without even looking because I knew what was coming up next.in my deck.

I could get down on the level with my audience. In the meantime the light shiner dudes had to scramble. But all eyes were on me.

Creative? Perhaps. But not really. I am just a non-conformist. To the crowd it looked like I was being creative speaker.



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