Looking for a luxury cruise ship? | 9 reasons why all-inclusives are GREAT!

ByRick Deutsch

Looking for a luxury cruise ship? | 9 reasons why all-inclusives are GREAT!

If you have the desire to go above “first-class” on a cruise ship voyage, why not get on a luxury ship? As a speaker, if you are good and able to give great talks, you can snag a slot on one of the “high end” ships.

So what sets them apart, besides the price? Let’s name a few. As a speaker you are part crew and part passenger. You get the benefits of both. OK let’s go.
1. They have no inside cabins. They do not have port holes to look out of. They either have large windows or verandas.
2. Unlimited drinks anywhere and a stocked refrigerator in your room.
3. A butler assigned to your hall. Not always, but I had a butler that I could call and get a bowl of popcorn when I wanted one. You may even have help unpacking our suitcase.

Butlers on many luxury ships.

Butlers on many luxury ships.

4. Their entertainment is Broadway quality – not like a high school program.
5. You will NOT be hawked to buy things. No fake art auctions or tables of cheap watches or TShirts.
6. You will not be overcome with claustrophobia, jammed in with 3,000 other passengers.
7. You will actually meet and build friendships with people you can see a lot of on the ship.
8. The pool will be swimmable and not full of kids shouting “Marco” “Polo.”
9. You can find many quiet spots on the ship and not have to hang out in your room.

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