Teaching on a cruise ship? Remember to bring tape | Pearl Harbor Kit

ByRick Deutsch

Teaching on a cruise ship? Remember to bring tape | Pearl Harbor Kit

Another Pearl Harbor Kit idea. I have found it pretty useful to carry some scotch tape in my emergency kit.

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Just get the end of  roll. I use it mostly when I first get onboard a ship  for my speaking assignment. After a hunt for  my luggage, then a quick shower, I open the stacks of “greeting” material on my desk. Usually I am get about 5 very import sheets. There’s the cruise itinerary, the schedule of entertainment staff meetings (that’s us), a  list of all the evening performances, the excursions and some  catch all stuff. It’s really hard to keep track of everything. I find that if I sack them all up in a pile, they get lost.

So I out my little tape roll and proceed to tape them up on a wall. Then I can just glance up and get the info as when and were my presentations will be. Pretty handy. But really tough to do without tape.

Transparent tape is handy.

Transparent tape is handy.

I don;t have any links for you on sources. Just go to your closet and pull out a roll of scotch tape that is nearly empty and snag it. Oh, be sure to fold over the end so it’s easy to peel off. And tape things up lightly – transparent tape often is a bugger to take off. If just don’t have a source, here’s where you can get tape. About a buck a roll.

Click to get yours => Transparent Tape

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