1 way to have a cruise ship audience LOVE you

ByRick Deutsch

1 way to have a cruise ship audience LOVE you

People on vacation really don’t want to learn anything. They are like you – they want a nice vacation sailing the Med, Alaska or the Baltic. Or wherever. Many save a long time to afford it. YOU, as a speaker get a free cruise. Give them their money’s worth.

When you give your talks, the audience wants just the greatest hits . Not a college class. Think USA Today level – not Scientific American.  Light and jolly. Make them laugh.

OK, the one thing that will make the cruise ship audience love you? InfoTainment. Give them InfoTainment. A clever combination of two concepts……Information and Entertainment.

Getting hassled.

This is entertainment!!

Yes, YOU need to entertain as well as speak. Do I mean juggle or make your laptop go away? Well, no…but YES. Liven up your talk. Joke. Make faces. Yo-yo a loop de loop. Entertain. Don’t be a stiff board up there talking about the History of the Pencil!   Make it fun – they will remember what you doing and LOVE you for it.

Start witha stick….bla bla…whittle it down…bla bla…drill a tiny hole in the shaft…bla bla some more….jam a piece of carbon in the end…yada yada.  Bing – you have a pencil. All this whilst telling them how Aristotle used a pencil in his classes. How Galileo wrote his telescope equations with  a pencil. How the Astronauts used a pencil to sketch the moon.

Any talk can be livened up. InfoTainment…write i on the back of your hand if you have to.

Jump in the pool – talk to us. We’ll help you get on the Lido deck’s pool.

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