Cruise Ship Speaker – Graduates

Steve Diggs
Steve Diggs, Cruise Ship Lecturer

Steve Diggs, Cruise Ship Lecturer


Rick is a real eye-opener!

By that, I mean that he really helped open my eyes to the possibilities and procedures for speaking on cruise ships.
He helped me begin a cruise ship speaking career that has touched people all over the planet… and given my wife and me a lot of great cruises.


Fred Reggie

“Rick Deutsch knows his stuff!
When I first began working with Rick to learn the process of becoming a Cruise Speaker my perception was quite different from the reality.
I had never even been on a cruise and had my own ideas about topics I thought would be of interest to cruise lines.
Rick helped me understand the concept of how passengers wanted to be “info-tained” and not “brain-drained”.
He detailed the process of creating my Bio, Topics and Talks to appeal to the cruise lines and the various agencies that place speakers on these wonderful cruises.
His insight and industry knowledge proved to be invaluable to me on my very first cruise which, based upon passenger feedback, I consider an overwhelming success.
Rick is a knowledgeable professional who will share his wealth of knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested in joining the ranks of Cruise Speakers.  Follow his advice and get booked – TODAY!”

Sue Baic

Sue Baic, Cruise Ship Speaker

Sue Baic, Cruise Ship Presenter

“I learned a lot from Rick’s fantastic online training SpeakOnCruises.

Since then, I have  done seven cruises delivering 30 lectures and I put his tips into practice every time I’m on board.

He has a great teaching style and is enthusiastic, motivating and practical with so much industry insight.”


Bob Ray

“Rick and Bill know the business of speaking on cruise ships and will help you get aboard, too. Period.

1x1I am a graduate of their SpeakonCruises training, ran with their advice and it has been a grand adventure! I’m off for Mexico with international destinations on my horizon later in the year.
Rick and Bill are speakers themselves on many cruise lines, sailing to destinations around the world. If this sounds good – sailing to far away places with those strange sounding names for free and bringing a guest – you should sign up for their course after reading this.
These two are your passport to speaking on board cruise ships. They will share their knowledge, their contacts, and roll out the roadmap to get you aboard ship, speaking and sailing.
Don’t miss the boat!”
Dr. Bette Daoust
Bette Daoust, PhD

Bette Daoust, PhD, Speaker on Cruise Ship

“I have always wanted to speak on a cruise as a way of spending less on traveling.

The problem was that I was not sure how to stream-line the process. Applying to each cruise line seemed to onerous!
Then I was introduced to Rick Deutsch and his SpeakonCruises training. Both my husband and I took the class and have been sailing ever since.I am booked on an Iberian Peninsula cruise with Celebrity. I have also connected with the UK agency you recommended and have booked at least one with a third.

Without the two of you, none of this would be in place.

The process is easy and the travel opportunities are certainly abundant. I have been inundated with requests. Thank you Rick for showing me how to be a great cruise ship speaker!”

Audry Lynch

Audry L. SpeakOnCruises graduate

Audry L. SpeakOnCruises graduate

“I received individual instruction from Mr. Rick Deutsch on how to become a qualified lecturer on cruises.

He guided me step by step on the following: the nature of the audience, how to prepare interesting talks, the expectations of the entertainment directors, and how to query the entertainment agencies.

His instructions were clear and practical.

They came from a person who has been successful in the field lecturing on such topics as California history, the wonders of Yosemite, and the saga of the building of the Panama Canal.

If you want to join the interesting profession, Rick Deutsch is your perfect guide!”


Ian Black

Rick met Ian on a cruise. Ian was also a speaker. They got to be friends and Rick shared the SpeakOnCruises program with him.

This testimonial reflects his love of cruising and getting free cruises for him and Mrs. Black.