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ByRick Deutsch

Venice, Italy, tightened visits by mega-ships. Dubrovnik follows suit

Dubrovnik is a fantastic walled city. Reminds me of Rothenberg in Germany. Both have a tall stone wall encircling the main village.  Thanks to visiting cruise ships, overcrowding is making life unbearable for residents … and tourists alike.  Venice is suffering the same problem and recently announced that they are starting to “cull the herd.” They are rolling out tourist rules and trying to get the cruise lines to limit the number of passengers allowed at one time to visit. Read our blog of August 12   for details.

As a World Heritage site, UNESCO may remove that designation unless the town limits the number of visitors to only 4,000.  Mayor Franković stated the need to improve life for residents. Most visitors get off the ship then flood the town’s tiny walkways, gawking and spending little money. Free food on-board is a big deterrent to buying an local dinner.

If things are not fixed, the town’s three gates could indeed be shut. Even stops by ships may be curtailed. Limiting dis-embarking (Editor’s note: If getting on is embarking, shouldn’t getting off be “barking?”)  on weekdays-only might prevail. Plans hope to be instituted in about two years.


Fairy tale Dubrovnik from the air

Think there is overreaction going on?  Check these numbers. In 2016, over 500 ships came in. That works out to almost 800,000 visitors.  In 2016, one day saw 10,000. It’s reported that resident population since 1991 has dropped from 5,000 to 1,157.  Sounds like the locals have had enough – just like Venice.

Me thinks Barcelona is next. Face it folks…7.5 billion people on earth…and many are retiring.

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