Qualified Cruise Ship Speakers: Want to see the pyramids?

ByRick Deutsch

Qualified Cruise Ship Speakers: Want to see the pyramids?

Speakers: See Khufu's pyramds for free!!

Speakers: See Khufu’s pyramid for free!!

Most speakers on 2 week cruises do it because they want to see the world. Riding on a ship for days looking at blue oceans is not exactly something we all have on our list. Boring. No, we want to see sites that we only dream about. One of my favorites – NO, the favorite – is ancient Egypt.  The place to be, of course, is Cairo. The plains of Giza to be exact. I’ve been there 3 times on cruises.

The port is either up in Alexandria (3 hours north) or the east off the Red Sea. Either easy it’s a long bus ride. These days you will travel in a security convoy with several buses and a military convoy. Plan on a nice man in a 3-piece suit packing heat. Yes, things are tight over there.

But I digress. The complex at Giza (which overlooks downtown Cairo) comprises the 3 large pyramids. Father, son and grandson.  Khufu has the giant one – 482 feet high.  Then there are 3 small weathered ones – for the wives.

Unfortunately, because to the long bus ride – and the mandatory side trip to the museum of Antiquities, – you are allowed only about an hour at the actual pyramids. That includes the walk through the Sphinx. All this is available to the speaker – and often for free if you volunteer to escort the tour bus.

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