Are the lines at Nazca a message from UFO’s?

ByRick Deutsch

Are the lines at Nazca a message from UFO’s?

This was a good day to tune in. We’re sharing photos of a recent FREE trip we took to South America in December.

First off, it’s a long way to get there. We boarded our ship in LA then sailed down the western side of Mexico – Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, Lima, and finally Valparaiso/Santiago, Chile. That was 17 days.

I got free airfare but only one-way. For me. Not my guest. So I picked the haul from Chile to SFO. I paid to upgrade to Economy Plus – highly recommended.

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Although I’ve been through the Panama Canal three times, I was really surprised that the ship didn’t go in. Many do the U-Turn after passing the outermost locks. Too many sea days!

The hit for  me was the stop in Pisco. At first glance it’s a “who cares.” Mostly desert. BUT I paid $700 for the excursion to fly over the lines of Nazca. These are the “drawings” etched into the hard soil that can only be seen from the air.

In his 1970’s book: “Chariots of the God’s,” he said they could only have been made by aliens. They are images of a monkey, birds, a spider – about 30 in all.  We flew about 500 feet above them. You cannot tell what they are from the ground.

So who made them? The who is easy – the Nazca people lived in southern Peru from 0 to 800 CDE.  But how did they do it? That’s easy also – it’s very hard soil – VERY little rain. With a hoe type tool, you can scrape these lines.

Why? It’s believed they were done for a religious purpose. They had a plan and executed it – for the gods.

Check these photos I took:


The Monkey at Nazca

lines on the earth

A perfect spiral in Nazca

Spider on earth

Can you see the Nazca spider?

Nazca bird

A perfect bird – only recognizable from the air – one of Nazca’s treats

Questions?   Let us know.  See you next week.

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