Cruise ship speakers can see the world | South Africa

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise ship speakers can see the world | South Africa

The obvious benefit of lecturing on ships is the places you can go. My wife and I went from Singapore to Capetown and saw places we’d only read about.

The Zulu nation

The Zulu nation

One of the guest speakers was an expert on the Zulu’s.  Rob Caskie grew up with the Zulu’s and speaks the language fluently. This African tribe gave the British the worse defeat ever. Ever! It was a lopsided victory for the natives. We learned a lot about this battle and the Boer Wars.

Like Rob, when writing your talks, make them fun and interesting.  Stories are key. Rob didn’t use a single note. He told about these battles and our minds filled in the images.

In his talks, he carried a baseball bat looking stick. He said the Zulu’s carry them and he also uses it as a prop. In his four presentations he built up the drama.  I am making a YouTube for him. I am using the clips I took with my video camera and use the Apple iMovie program to edit them. Rob wants to speak in the USA. It’s hard nut to crack – he needs to get paid and the airfare will be a killer.

While he enjoyed the cruise, but as we know, speakers don’t get paid. Hon your skills and you’ll get ovations after you talk.

Carpe Diem!

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