Vietnam is becoming a hot Cruise ship destination in 2018

ByRick Deutsch

Vietnam is becoming a hot Cruise ship destination in 2018

It’s been over 35 years since our relations with Vietnam was one of war.  Times have changed. Most citizens there are under 30, and like our millennials, they have no clue about that war.  The country is still communist, but many US companies now have plants building things from memory chips to coats there. Check your labels – they are not all Made in China.

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They are enjoying  the rewards of capitalism and many are wealthy and spending. Cruising is a favorite. It’s estimated that 2017 produced 4.3 million passengers. Vietnam now ranks sixth among the regional cruise tourism markets. Over 400 ships stopped there last year.

Princess Cruises carried nearly 60,000 guests on twenty cruises to Vietnamese ports. Typical stops include: Phu My, Nha Trang, Danang, and Cai Lan. For 2018, that line is focusing six ships in the area. They plan thirty trips. This will yield nearly 80,000 guests – a 40% rise over 2018. Many Vietnam Vets want to see the land they served in.

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The year round weather allows a long cruise season, although it can be brutally hot and the monsoons hit in summer.

It’s said that Vietnam’s middle-class is the fastest-growing one in Southeast Asia. They are making money and spending it. The cruisers are not just old people.  55% are between 30 and 59 and 33% aged 20-39.

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