Venice residents fighting deep dredging of lagoon

ByRick Deutsch

Venice residents fighting deep dredging of lagoon


I give lectures about Venice, Italy. I explain how it got to be there and its evolution as the financial center of old Europe. I’ve been there three times via giving talks on Cruise ships. A good deal.

Venice from a ship

Venice from a ship

The city has been sinking. The structures on those small islands are held up by thousands of long posts driven through the muck down to more solid ground. Over the centuries they are slowly sinking.

The city is torn between raking in the mega bucks (or lira) spent by cruise ships or preserving their special place.  The government wants to bring in the new huge craft and their thousands of vacationers.  Their plan is to increase the depth and width of the current access channel to allow bigger ships to get to the dock.

Others want to stop the dredging of the shallow lagoon. They want the dock for giant ships to be located out in deeper water with passengers being shuttled to the town. They have started a petition that has over 100,000 signatures. They are asking Prime Minister Renzi to prevent the destruction of the central lagoon. The fear is that the lagoon will morph into being just part of the bigger by and submerge the city.

Keep coming back for the news that I dig up about our industry. Take your cruise ship speaking gig seriously. Know what’s going on. Drop us a line – we’re here to prepare you for these kind of exciting trips. Yup – 3 times to Venice. Cool.

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