Venice putting handcuffs on mega-cruise ships | Damage to ecosystem and buildings cited.

ByRick Deutsch

Venice putting handcuffs on mega-cruise ships | Damage to ecosystem and buildings cited.

Venice, Italy is arguably one of the neatest cities in the world for a cruise ship speaker to visit. Built out in the lagoon to escape the hordes of Huns, their islands sold salt to get by. In time, they became great traders, then shipbuilders, then financial geniuses. It was untouched by WW2 bombs and contains many historic sites.

The Venice Clock Tower

The Venice Clock Tower

The problem has been that the lagoon is shallow, muddy and unable to support the large buildings set up there. They have gradually been sinking over the centuries. As such, the sea is rushing in and eating away at the very foundations. The fear is that in a bit more time, the sea will reclaim what was once hers.

As mega-thousand ton cruise ships enter the city, large wakes are created that contribute to the problem. The city fathers decided to ban cruise ships over 96,000 gross tons. An update has Venice giving 2 more months grace before instituting the plan. It was set to begin November 2014, but has slipped to January 1, 2015.

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A 20 percent reduction on ships over 40,000 gross tons is already in place. After study this was reduced by 12.5 percent. As a result, 19 cruise ship calls had to be canceled in 2014. Currently, ferry traffic is being diverted away from the city center.

These moves may save the city. A barrier to the sea has been proposed but the cost and an ever changing government has delayed any action there.

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