Venice, Italy and the problem of Godzilla Ships | The city is drowning in tourists

ByRick Deutsch

Venice, Italy and the problem of Godzilla Ships | The city is drowning in tourists

Venice is a pretty neat place. Located about a mile from the mainland, it is a mecca of shopping and dining. How did it get all the way out to sea?? The short story is that the Italians (before it was called Italy) were escaping from the hordes of Huns, Hells Angels and Tatars who regularly invaded and did their routine of rape and pillaging. So they headed out into the marshes and stayed. The barbarians had no boats to pursue them, plus there was nothing to steal in the swamps.  After this went on a while, the Venetians, decided to permanently roost out there.

Fast forward to 2015. Giant ships are coming into Venice with no regards for the residents and their quality of life. I’ve been three times and you feel like Godzilla as you sail past the churches and three-story buildings in town. Of course, you may be 20 stories above.  The big ships are still allowed to enter the lagoon and ply their way down the Giudecca Canal, – the large one – to the current cruise berths.

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Really it’s gross. Plans to build a new cruise port miles out to sea and tender tourists in, is not gaining support from the cruise lines or the tourist industry. In protest, a big photo exhibition is going on. Check out these shots.

A tiny tug pulls a giant through Venice's lagoon

A tiny tug pulls a giant through Venice’s lagoon



huge ship in Venice

Giulia Maria Crespi, the honorary president of the Italian Environment Fund, said:

“The giant cruise ships that come to Venice are a disgrace and the city needs to be saved. All Venetians and all Italians should see these photos to realize how the big ships are putting in peril Venice, a jewel of humanity.”

Despite years of debate over the impact of the huge cruise liners, they are still going to the international cruise ship terminal. Money talks.

Andrea Carandini, the head of the Italian Environment Fund, said: “Venice was being crushed by the weight of mass tourism. We now have a third of the inhabitants that we did in the 18th century – just 50,000 – yet it receives 30 million tourists a year. It is unsustainable. If things continue like this, the city will die.”

If you are going soon, see this photo exhibit on how the city is being turned into an amusement park. It’s gross. See the pix in St Mark’s Square thru Jan 6.

Venice is on many cruise itineraries – perfect for your chance to get a free cruise. Yes, free for two – just by giving 4 talks. But you have to be good and we can help you through the process.  To learn more, poke around this website then send us your comments.

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