Venice Italy finally making progress on moving Giant Cruise ships

ByRick Deutsch

Venice Italy finally making progress on moving Giant Cruise ships

After multiple false starts and a lot of debate, it looks like the government is about to announce a major change to the way the mega-ships are docked. The Mayor of Venice is Luis Brugnaro and he said that the Chamber of Commerce has agreed to berth cruise ships bigger than 100,000 tons in the port of Marghera. It’s on the mainland – across from Venice.

Ship in Venice- Too BIG!

This would allow the behemoths to still service the classic city and not hurt Venice’s tourism and the daily life of residents. A June test vote was at 99% for ridding the endangered city of the giant ships.

A a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting, the mayor said: “I can announce that before the summer, the government will announce the solution to the problem of big ships.”
Venice, Italy and the problem of Godzilla Ships | The city is drowning in tourists

Two new slots will be constructed at Marghera in 2019. This would shift about 50% of the current load to Marghera. The docks at Venice could still be used for smaller ships.

Passengers typically spend little since they are visiting for only a few hours. Plus they tend to eat onboard the ships, rather than in town. A cup of coffee is one of their few expenses. Life for residents is not fun dealing with all the people gawking.

The pollution and water damage to buildings should improve soon.

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