Venetians really upset about huge ships sailing in

ByRick Deutsch

Venetians really upset about huge ships sailing in

Venice Italy, that is.

The lovely city has changed since you were there.  The Mega-ships are invading and the residents have had ENOUGH!!

We’ve talked about this before – refresh your understanding.

So now the stakes have been raised. The government there wants the $$$$ that ships bring to the city. The residents don’t. Now  some 600 “big ships” pass through Giudecca Canal. That’s 30 million visitors a year. They outnumber people who live there by 500 to 1!  Talk about quality of life.

Venice is a very historic city – not a Pirates of the Caribbean type ride. It’s not a giant Outlet mall. Visitors now are clogging narrow bridges and alleys, making it tough for locals to get around. How’d you like your house to be in the middle of the Universal theme park??

There has long been knowledge that the big ships are helping to degrade the building structures. Plans have been “floated” to move the cruise ship terminal out a few miles and tender people in. Talk talk talk….that is the Italian way.

Giant ship near Venice

A cruise ship attacks Venice

Now a vocal group is stepping up. They are greeting the Godzilla ships dressed in Pirate garb, yelling “Go away.”  Of course, tourists think it part of the fun of docking and are waving back as if the locals are greeting them.



Looks like a Boston Tea Party all over again.

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