Ultra luxury residence cruise ship coming – rooms for sale!

ByRick Deutsch

Ultra luxury residence cruise ship coming – rooms for sale!


The bathroom in one of the Utopia Residence condo’s.

Utopia Residences is rolling out a new idea in cruising – buy a condo. While the WORLD has had a ship doing this for a few years, this new idea takes it a big step further. The WORLD is way cheaper. Utopia (unknown what the final name will be).

It’s planned to sail in 2022, so things may change.

How does a starting price tag of over $4 million to the high end of $36 million suit you?  Got it? Spend it.

It’s actually a yacht – when it hits the water, it will be the largest one the world. 190 apartments will peak at 6,200 square feet. No more mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters or painting the outside. If you are in the stratosphere of wealthy people (why are you reading this?) and own everything else, give them a call.

LEARN about the norovirus – it’s still around.

You will have to cook your own meals…yes, you get a huge kitchen…but no worries, and there will be rooms for your servants….just like your current suburban home. Yes, I’m sure their market research has shown that there will be takers. Well, how many billionaires do we have in the country? 680 in the USA.

They are thinking that folks may be used to paying that much for a place in NYC, London or Paris. Right.

The ship will not hit the “usual”  ports over and over. Rather, it will dock for up to a week…not the usual 8 hours.

So, dream on…and get your deposit in!

See you next time. Drop us a note – we’ll teach you how to get free trips for two by speaking. There are a ton of ships sailing weekly – your odds are good.


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