Do you have trouble sleeping on a cruise?  Help is on the way.

ByRick Deutsch

Do you have trouble sleeping on a cruise?  Help is on the way.

­­­While it sounds tranquil, trying to sleep on a cruise ship can be frustrating. If your room is at the bow or stern area, you may experience more of the up and down motion than those who paid a bit more to get center suites.

Inside cabins work for most folks and the price is the best you can get. Actually you are only in your room to sleep. If you need to see the ocean, walk out to the promenade deck.

Then it is hell if your room is near the elevator. All night long, the chatter of people getting off will keep you awake.

How about those annoying creaks and groans of the ship as it moves along the waves? Once we heard occasional  20-minute bursts of water flowing through pipes above our ceiling.  We were told they purge the boilers or such.  No sleep that night.

Royal Caribbean has been spending a lot in the past few years to make their ships your first choice. They are most known for their gozilla-size ships. Those huge behemoths can carry nearly 10,000 humans. Wow.

RCL is investing in technology to help you slumber. They are putting in wall-sized monitors in inside cabins that will show you the outside. Just like you are looking out a window. Live images of waves, birds and maybe someone looking at you!

The idea is to divert your attention from your crummy room.  Imagine the astronauts on the space station. The more their craft can replicate a homey environment, the better they will rest. Same idea for you.

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