Titanic Recreations continue to float | Will it need speakers?

ByRick Deutsch

Titanic Recreations continue to float | Will it need speakers?

Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer

This man is Clive Palmer. Who you say? A very –VERY rich Aussie. He has been talking about building a build a sailing replica of the ill-fated Titanic replica. Yes, you read it correctly.

I give a lot of presentations and one of them is on the Titanic. Mostly local gigs, and I haven’t suggested it to my booking agent for cruise trips. Not a good idea – agree?

Read my blog about the whole story, then come back and this blog will make a bit more sense to you. It; a grat story.

The plot thickens as a Chinese energy company announced it will also build one. They plan to have it done in 2016 — the same year Clive was targeting. It will cost them $171 million – (Clive thinks $195M) Theirs is being touted as the “world’s first full scale replica.”   Actually, the ship will be permanently docked in the Qi River.

How about an iceberg? – yes, sort of. Watch for light and sound displays to recreate the fateful day.

Palmer’s guess at a $20,000 ticket price for first class would be one of the more expensive in the world. Wonder if they will have speakers for the first class elite??


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