Titanic Immersion Exhibit making the rounds – now in Australia

ByRick Deutsch

Titanic Immersion Exhibit making the rounds – now in Australia

We’ve blogged a lot about the Titanic. The ship is favorite of cruise ship aficionados and the public at large. A topic I don’t speak about onboard, but it is a fascinating story. While there are other Titanic displays around the world, this one is worth checking out.

A company called Imagine Exhibitions is famous for their work on developing first class exhibits including ones on Jurassic Park, Downton Abbey and Body Worlds to name a few.

In an excellent project, they have reconstructed key parts of the ship that sank with 1500 lost lives. They have built a replica grand staircase, cabins and a deck among other things.


Replica Grand staircase

The exhibit features over 300 artifacts – real and replicas from the ship. The identical sister ship, the Olympic, and family members provided many of the real-deals.

A key attraction is a Virtual Reality tour of the ship that lies at 12,000 feet. They have stitched together  actual images to product a 3D view thru goggles.  A person can “see” what various areas looks like today!

VR hedset

VR “tour” of the Titanic at 12,000 feet

Another fun thing to enjoy are many of the props and costumes from the movie. These include Leo DiCaprio’s outfit and Kate Winslet’s dress.

The exhibition will be in Australia starting in April. Some of our clients live there. Take note.

It’s not known if/when the show will be in the USA. It takes a museum to allocate the funds to bring it and to assemble it all.  If we find out, we’ll tell you.

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