Can I teach on a cruise ship?

ByRick Deutsch

Can I teach on a cruise ship?

Can I teach on a cruise ship??? Yes – most ships offer a variety of classes for passengers. Most are free for them, but you’ll need to check. Subjects like foreign language, watercolors, iPAD use, etc are taught by experienced professor level people.

You will not be under the same chain as Destination or Enrichment Speakers, but teaching is related. In this case, you usually need to be able to stay on board way longer than speakers. The ships want consistency over several cruises.

You will get a nice room, perhaps with free internet connectivity for your classes depending on your program. Plan on four classes. Each when the ship is at sea. No more than an hour, so you better keep it tight.

Handouts are expected. The ship will contract with you formally and arrange for your supplies. NOTE: all ships are different and you may need to hand-carry handouts in your suitcase! You will be paid real money in addition to a free cruise for two. You will need credentials that show that you are good.

Many will let the passengers take the classes for free, and you are open to consulting for in-depth at a fair rate. That can be money maker. Check with the cruise line. You can also sell your book at the gift shop – they will take about 40% however.

SpeakOnCruises can help out here as well. Give us your contact info and we’ll go over it.



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