Stuck with a cruise ship inside cabin? | How about a “Yule Log” idea?

ByRick Deutsch

Stuck with a cruise ship inside cabin? | How about a “Yule Log” idea?

The Yule log

The Yule log

The “Yule Log” is one of the most watched TV “shows” over the Christmas holidays. A simple fireplace that burns a log for hours on end. That’s it. A hand comes into the picture every 40 minutes or so and turns the logs. He/she even tosses a new one on. If you are a speaker, you might be assigned to an inside room (although I never have).  Things are getting interesting.

In an extremely clever move, Royal Caribbean is showing it’s creativity by mounting an 80-inch monitor in the not-so-desirable rooms….ala the Yule Log. It will show a real-time video to those stuck without a real window. 81 rooms on the new Navigator of the Seas ship will have screens that cameras will feed actual images of what is going on outside. They are even piping sound into the rooms so steerage passengers can pretend they actually had the money to upgrade!

Royal Caribbean's virtual look outside - warm inside!

Royal Caribbean’s virtual look outside – warm inside!

I suppose you could spend your hours on bed and look for whales or Russian submarines. What a great topic for your lecture!  How technology is making live so easy. Gee, one day you can just buy a streaming video off Netflix and stay at home. Bon Voyage and pass the Cheetos.

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Passengers will get the view from either the bow or stern depending on where they are in the ship. Maybe thay can be on the watch for jumpers – a real problem in 2014. The Navigator of the Seas is just beginning its service on the high seas. We await the reaction. My kudos to Royal Caribbean.

Toss another log on the fire.

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